Ionia Office Works is no longer doing business.
  July 30, 2011

It's been 13 years and 16 days since Ionia Office Works opened for business at 317 West Main Street.  We had some very good years and we very much appreciate all of the wonderful customers who patronized us.  Unfortunately, the poor economy finally caught up with us and we called it quits today.  Ionia Office Works has gone out of business permanently.

It was a pleasure working with you for the past 13 years, and it's an understatement to say how much we'll miss being here to help all of you with your office product needs.  

However---the good news, as we've been telling you for the last three weeks is that Printing Essentials will be taking over the sale of office products to our customers.  They began placing orders with SPR last week and some of you may have already received an order from their delivery people.

Annette McCord will be going to work for PE-she's taking all of our old customer files with her, so that she will have access to everything that you ordered from us in the past.  Call her at 1-800-344-7607 to place your orders.

In addition, Mary Kimble will continue to do graphic design, and she will retain all of those customer files---so, be sure to call her for any printing needs.

As for the fax service---Trier Jewelers will take over that part of our business, and they are located right here on Main Street which will make it easy for you.

Goodbye, dear customers!  We'll miss seeing you and talking to you---it's been fun!

David and Annette McCord
Bryan and Mary Kimble
Sue Bussell
Denise Ingraham
Sue Van Lente
Brenda Malokofsky
Ann Ebenstein